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The Greenbottle Blue Tarantula is one of the most colorful arachnids out there. These spiders are native to the dry regions of Venezuela. It is the only species in its genus, Chromatopelma. Females can live around 15 years, while males live only about 3 years. This species can grow quite large, growing up to 6 inches in legspan, and they grow at a medium to fast rate.

They are highly sought after by tarantula keepers because of their stunning blue, green, and red colors, they like to stay out in the open, and because they make large, elaborate webs. This terrestrial/semi arboreal tarantula is usually docile, and their venom is weak. They are a very good beginner species, although they can be skittish. It is best to keep them on drier substrate with a lot of anchor points for their large webs. They don’t burrow much, preferring to create tunnels of webbing instead.

The Greenbottle Blue is one of my favorite species because of the webs they make and their beautiful coloring. I got mine, an immature female, from Fear Not Tarantulas. They are the best place anywhere to get a tarantula or various different invertebrates. If you are looking to get a tarantula, go to or visit their store in Virginia Beach, VA. Like I said, the Greenbottle Blue is a great beginner species for anyone looking to get their first or second 8 legged friend.